Folly Boat, a Charleston icon, washed away by Irma 28 years after it was washed ashore by Hugo

By Thad Moore
Sep 11, 2017
Link to Full ArticleOf all the boats Hurricane Hugo ripped from their moorings almost three decades ago, none inspired passion like the one on the Folly Beach causeway did.

In time, the long-abandoned boat would become an icon of the beach town down the road. It would become a reflection of the Lowcountry communities the hurricane had ravaged as message after message was painted onto its hull, making sure no one missed news about a graduation, a wedding or a political dust-up.

It inspired controversy as locals debated whether it was a landmark or an eyesore and rivals in sports and politics sought to cover each other’s notes. It endured tragedy and triumph, and it reflected them in fresh coats of paint. (Link to Full Article)