After Irma came through and we saw Chis John’s video we put up a post letting folks know about the past 10 years of archiving we have been doing over here at and to send in any images they wanted to share to This photo on your right is especially poignant being as it was one of the last taken before she went on her adventure. THANK YOU very much to Tracey Erwin for sharing this great photo!

Have some great Folly Boat photos to share?

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“This too shall pass”
by Tracey Erwin
September 11, 2017


I took a photo yesterday you might want to see. I’m a Hugo survivor and was broken-hearted to hear of the loss of the Folly Boat today. It hurt me as much as when I heard we lost the Atlantic House during Hugo – thanks for all you’ve done to preserve it over the years.

I took this photo on a whim yesterday, right before Folly seemed to be shutting down, and I’m happy to let you use it however you’d like, since I think it was her last painting.

All the best,
Tracey Erwin